Avoid unexpected breakdown costs and down time.

Full Maintenance Rentals

Full Maintenance Rentals or FML as it is sometimes referred to is a financial package designed to provide the fleet owner with the use of a vehicle for an agreed period and distance travelled at a fixed cost including all maintenance costs and tyre replacements, thus providing the fleet owner with hassle free motoring.

Maintenance only contracts

This solution allows the fleet owner to purchase the vehicles and Autorent takes the responsibility of all maintenance costs over an agreed period of time and distance travelled.

Operating Rentals

The Operating Rental solution is suitable for clients that have their own maintenance workshops and need to take their vehicles “off balance” sheet.

By outsourcing the company’s fleet there are numerous benefits namely:

  • Enhanced financial reporting through improved liquidity, gearing and improved investment ratios
  • Fixed costs thus more accurate budgeting
  • Cash Flow forecasting
  • Management and staff are relieved of administration, procurement and disposal of vehicles.