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About DataQwip Rentals

DataQwip Rentals and its Divisions specialise in the procurement, supply and financing of Information Technology, Telecommunications, Medical & Analytical Equipment, Passenger Vehicles, Light Commercial Vehicles, Trucks, Forklifts, Materials Handling, Construction and Mining Equipment.

The company commenced business in 1980 when the then founder and Managing Director with the assistance of the Banking sector launched the first Financial Operating Rental for the IT and related markets.

The AutoRent Division was launched in 1990, specialising in Full Maintenance Rentals of Light Commercial Vehicles and Trucks.

Although DataQwip is a totally independent company, we are supported by various Banking Institutions.
DataQwip has a highly experienced team, with the Directors and Senior Management each having more than 25 years’ experience in Asset Based Finance, in particular, Operating Rentals and Full Maintenance Rentals.

DataQwip has forged relationships with various OEM’s to ensure comprehensive solutions for our Client’s requirements. These relationships have led to DataQwip being in a position whereby we can offer our Clients favourable pricing on equipment which subsequently lowers their operating costs.

The advantage of the Operating Rental, amongst others, is that of “Off Balance Sheet” financing and therefore allows an organisation to acquire productive assets through its operating budget without increasing its gearing.

Intelligent Financial Solutions since 1980

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