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Avoid unexpected Down Time and Breakdown Costs
Full Maintenance Rentals

The AutoRent division specialises in Full Maintenance Rentals or FML as it is sometimes referred to. FML is a financial package designed to provide fleet owners with the use of vehicles for an agreed period and distance travelled, at a fixed cost, including maintenance, tyre replacements and annual licensing cost, thus providing the fleet owner with hassle free motoring.

Maintenance Contracts

This solution allows the fleet owner to purchase the vehicles and AutoRent will then take the responsibility of the maintenance and tyre replacement costs for a given period and distanced travelled.

Managed Maintenance

Through Management Maintenance, AutoRent take the responsibility of managing the fleet by:

  • Checking all Invoices to ensure the correct labour rates are applied and the correct discounts have been passed on, and all maintenance carried out is in line with OEM standards.
  • Authorising all services and replacement tyres.
  • Monthly Invoices payable are as per the client’s requirements.
Benefits of outsourcing the company’s fleet
  • Enhanced financial reporting through improved liquidity, gearing and investment ratios.
  • Fixed costs, thus more accurate budgeting.
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Management and Staff are relieved of administration, procurement and disposal of vehicles.

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